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Sheth Shri Shoorji Vallabhdas

Sheth Shri Shoorji Vallabhdas & SSV College

Sheth Shoorji Vallabhdas, Social Reformer, Mahatam Gandhi’s beloved and freedom fighter born in Suthari Village of Abdasa- Kachchh District. He went to Mumbai for purpose of Business. He travelled many countries. After meeting with Mahatam Gandhi he joined in movement of Freedom.

He adopted thoughts of Swadshi. He belongs rich family and he donated many institutes And organisation during freedom movement. He also fought for the problems of Kachchhi Farmers and he took leadership and face Maharao of Kachchh. He build roads, wells etc for development of Kachchh. He mastered Sanskrit and many languages. He had keen interest for development of education in Kachchh; He had given Rs. 51000/- Donation to Kachchh Loahan Kedvani Mnadal in 1920 for betterment of education. He had dream for higher education facilities should be available at Kachchh. He passed away in 1951. His elder son Sheth Pratapsinh fulfilled his dream By establishing First Commerce College of Kachchh after his name, Sheth S.V. Arts & Commerce College, Mandvi.